mardi 25 octobre 2016

Génération Jean Richard

Génération Jean Richard, le blog mis en ligne par  docteur cirque, Pierre Fenouillet, fan inconditionnel de ce grand Monsieur qui redora les lettres de noblesses du cirque en des temps difficiles. Sur ce blog vous trouverez un grand nombre de documents, de reportages et d'informations sur Jean Richard qui fut comédien, circophile et circassien . Merci Pierre de nous permettre de découvrir ou de redécouvrir les différentes facettes de celui qui incarna brillamment le commissaire Maigret.

mercredi 12 octobre 2016

mardi 11 octobre 2016

Lе сirquе Рilаtus 1954

Circus Animals 1947

Shows the life of circus elephants, camels, ponies, horses & several other animals behind the scenes. Includes how they travel, their training, their general characteristics, &, as in the case of the elephants, how they help w/ the work

1931-36 Ringling Brothers Circus

Millette Home Movie

Circuses: Hagenbeck-Wallace 1932 vs Clyde Beatty 1966

Harrington's Nickle Plate show and three ring circus and Hagenbeck Circus. 1929-1930

Le cirque Knie voyage en train 2014

Chargement des roulottes du cirque Knie sur 49 wagons des CFF. Vevey le 19 octobre 2014.

On the road again - Komt dat zien! - Circus Knie 1989

Circus Day in Our Town 1949

Circus Day in Our Town Search Educational Film Journals at Media History Project for references to this film SummaryGives a behind - the - scenes look at a three - ring circus, including highlights of an actual performance.

Professor Harry S. Broudy defines classical realism. He explains the theory's basis in "natural law" and its application to modern educational problems. He answers questions and comments on a filmed physics class discussion in which the teacher uses the classical realist approach.

Here Comes The Circus 1942

Cotton candy, Coke, children, barkers, side shows, women snake charmers & sword swallowers, tent circus, parade, audience, clowns, animals, elephants, Emmett Kelly, Betty Rich Queen of the Air, trapeze artists, aerobats, bareback riders, trainers and more!